Benefits & Handcrafting


Alcohol Tincture Benefits

Long shelf life, very stable (approximately 10 years)

Naturally preserved from enzymatic changes and oxidation

Rapidly absorbed into the lymphatic system and bloodstream

Not dependent on the digestive system for absorption

Dosage can be regulated easily

Convenient to use

Microdosing, greater concentration of the herb

Herbal Handcrafting & Solvents

After carefully selecting the highest grade of herbs, worldwide, the herbs are ground into cornmeal consistency. The average ratio of gram (herb) to milliliter (alcohol) is 1:5. The water/alcohol content of each herb tincture varies from 25-90% alcohol, depending on the solubility factor of the primary constituents within the herb. When making hand crafted tinctures, we take into consideration the following important classes of medicinal compounds: alkaloids, volatile oils, mucilage, polysaccharides, glycosides, resins, saponins, and tannins. With this knowledge, we can adjust the ratio of water to alcohol for the best extraction of the active constituents of the herb. Once the water/alcohol content is determined, the ground herb is added to the liquid. Glycerin and/or vinegar are added for certain herb tinctures if necessary. The maceration will age for a minimum of one month before being pressed and put into Amber bottles.


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